Contents of an Job specification

1. Contents of a job specification: include 9 components as follows: 1.1 Job information: The title should be chosen carefully as it provi...

1. Contents of a job specification:

include 9 components as follows:

1.1 Job information:

  • The title should be chosen carefully as it provides importance and status for the employee.

  • Describe the location of the job in the organizational structure and working location.

  • How many hours a week and a comment about flexibility if this is offered (beyond your legal duties)?

  • Who will the post holder report to?

1.2 Job Purpose: to identify nature of job.

1.3 Main duties: to identify key duties of job (limited to 7 or 10 tasks).

1.4 Knowledge / qualification:

  • Knowledge can include the educational or vocational qualifications and other related knowledge gained from learning or

  • Knowledge is an organized body of information that a person mentally possesses as a result of formal education, training, or personal experience.

1.5 Skill requirements: skills include on the job skills and any specialized competencies.

1.6 Experience: describe minimum experience required to perform job satisfactorily; may include preferred/desired experience).

1.7 Abilities. Ability include physical ability, metal ability, aptitudes.

  • Physical specifications includes health, strength, age range, body size, weight, vision, poise etc.

  • Mental specifications include ability to perform, arithmetical calculations, to interpret data, information blue prints, to read etc.

1.8 Licenses/Certification:

1.9 Requirements due to working environment

2. Related elements to job specifications

Apart from contents of a job specification above, the following elements also affects recruitment process of organization:
2.1 Behavior / Attitude Specifications:
Behavioral specifications include judgments, research, creativity, teaching ability, maturity trial of conciliation, self-reliance etc.

2.2 Aptitudes:
Aptitudes is a capacity for learning (e.g. ability to learn correctional institution policies and procedures.) It is very difficult to measure aptitudes and it do not belong in job specifications.

3. Job specification should be avoided:

When conduct a job specification, you should be avoided from elements as follows in compliance with labor law:

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Ethnicity

  • National Origin

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Marital Status

  • Disability/Health

  • Dependent Care Responsibilities

  • Unnecessary criteria

4. Types of job criteria:
There are two criteria of candidate selection: essential and desirable criteria.

  • Essential criteria are those absolutely necessary to do the job.

  • Desirable criteria are those not necessary but it it criteria preferred.

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