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EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY FORM Dear all employees, We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at...


Dear all employees,

We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company.

This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate your opinions about our company and job. We assure you that your responses will be held in confidence.

1. Instruction for survey:

• Kindly rate your satisfaction level on the questions given below.
• Kindly add your comments with the questions, if any.
• Writing your name at the end of the form.
• Send this form to HR department before…… HR department is responsible to collect all these employee satisfaction survey forms.

2. Rating scale of survey:

Kindly follow the following categories:
• Strongly agree : 5
• Agree : 4
• Neutral : 3
• Disagree : 2
• Strongly disagree : 1

3. Content of questions:

a. About Company

• The top management pays careful attention to employee suggestions.
• I can trust what management tells me.
• The top management communicates about changes or decisions that affect employees.
• Company is an aggressive competitor in the marketplace.
• Our company is a good company to work for.

b. Work itself

• Do employees perceive that their work is meaningful?
• Do you communicate to individuals that their work is important?
• Do you look for ways to streamline processes and make them more efficient?

c. Relationship with managers / supervisors

• I feel free to contact my Manager / Supervisor as & when needed.
• I am treated fairly by my Manager / Supervisor
• Do employees feel that they can trust their supervisors?
• Do the practice's supervisors use positive feedback with employees?
• Do the practice's supervisors possess leadership skills?
• Do they treat individuals fairly?
• Does the practice have a consistent, timely and fair method for evaluating individual performance?
• My Manager delegates work effectively.
• My manager is an effective leader (i.e. shows behavior that is consistent, positive & motivating)

d. Compensations and benefits

• Company maintains a competitive pay and benefits package
• Company pay policy helps attract and retain high performing employees.
• Company pay policy helps attract and retain high performing employees.
• Do your employees perceive that they are being paid fairly?
• Do your employees perceive that their benefits are sufficient?
• Does the practice have clear policies related to salaries, raises and bonuses?

e. Rewards/ Recognition:

• I receive recognition when I do a good job.
• Employees are recognized for good work performance
• Performance incentives are clearly linked to standards and goals.
• If I do good work I can count on making more money
• Company gives enough recognition for work that's well done
• My salary is fair for my responsibilities

f. Teamwork

• The people I work with cooperate to get the work done.
• We resolve conflict honestly, effectively and quickly.
• There is a spirit of teamwork at DELL.
• My group works well together to accomplish our organization's goals.

Career development

• I receive adequate technical trainings as per my job.
• Technical trainings help me improve my performance.
• I am growing as a professional in this company.
• My work at company is making me develop my skills & knowledge.
• I have a clearly established career path with company
• I have opportunities to learn and grow

g. Performance management

• My last performance appraisal accurately reflected my performance
• The performance appraisal system is fair

h. Corporate culture

• Organization values the individual worker
• Corporate culture promotes a balance between work & family life
• Different departments cooperate with each other
• I feel free to offer comments and suggestions
• Politics is kept to a minimum
• Our company is a fun place to work

i. Working conditions

• Does your practice's equipment (everything from computers to scales) work properly?
• Is the facility clean and up to date?
• Are office conditions comfortable?
• Do individuals have adequate personal space?
• My physical working conditions are good
• My workload is reasonable
• I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life

j. Conclusion:

• What is it that you like most in your job right now?

• What is it that you are not comfortable in your job right now?

• What do you need to improve your performance and productivity?

• Give us at least three suggestions to improve the work environment in this company?

You name:              You job code:               Department:

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