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How to improve employee satisfaction?

1. 10 factors can improve employee satisfaction: 1.1 Organization development • Shared mission or vision: In many organizations, employee do...

1. 10 factors can improve employee satisfaction:

1.1 Organization development

• Shared mission or vision: In many organizations, employee doesn’t know what is mission, vision, objects. Building a corporate culture that requires employees to be an integral part of the organization can be an effective way of getting the most from the talents or competencies brought to the organization by each employee.

• Feedback programs: These programs will help organization what is opinions of their employees.

1.2 Work itself

You can increase job satisfaction by

• Job rotation
• Job enlargement: knowledge enlargement, task enlargement.
• Job enrichment

1.3 Compensation and benefits

Policies of compensation and benefits are most important part of organization. But you should build your policies at “suitability” not “the best”.

1.4 Appraisal program

You should build the proper evaluation and fair and encourage employees perform work.

1.5 Relationship with supervisors

Relationship with management is the key factor often happen dissatisfaction of employees. The company should have policies to:

• Management must be fair treated with staff.
• Ready to help them.
• Full training for staff
• Ready to listen and respond to employee.

1.6 Promotions and career development

• Develop programs to promote all titles in the organization.
• Develop training programs for employees
• Build programs for career development of each title.

1.7 Build corporate culture

• Build channel of communication in organization
• Relationship with coworkers
• Build sharing culture.

1.8 Working condition and environment

• Build occupational health and safety program.

1.9 Improvement programs of employee satisfaction

HR department must have the monitoring methods for improvement programs of employee satisfaction. Many organizations just do appraisal of employee satisfaction but not pay attention to role of monitoring.

Build solutions to improve satisfaction

Training all level of management about the importance of satisfaction and methods to increase satisfaction.

1.10 Employees by them self

• Hiring the right employees:
• Clearly defined and communicated employee expectations.

2. Process of improvement

2.1 Identification of method used:

You should identify methods that can be implemented to improve the assessment satisfaction of employees.

2.2 Determining the level of satisfying the question

Example rating scale of relation with supervisors is 2.2/5. And you intend to implement 2 solutions and the expectation scale is 4/5.

2.3 Determining the increasing rate of each method.

• You get a new level satisfy subtract satisfying old level, in example above is 4 - 2.2 = 1.8.
• Total of the increasing scale is 8 for example. Methods to improve factor: “relation with supervisors” accounting for (1.8 / 8) * 100 = 22.5%.

2.4 Method options.

• Depending on the desire to resolve issues of the business.
• Depending contain any mãn levels need to resolve.
• Depending on the resources of the business. Mainly resources can improve satisfaction of employees is money, time, workforce of management, management methods. You can change the resources at many different levels to consider the rate of change as part of the 2.3.

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