Procedure of employee satisfaction

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) FOR EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Code: NVG/HR/PR-02 1. Purpose of procedure of employee satisfaction: • Develop ...



Code: NVG/HR/PR-02

1. Purpose of procedure of employee satisfaction:

• Develop or change the policy for satisfaction of employees.
• Knowledge, satisfaction and expectations need to be measured in order to develop company prepared for tomorrow.
• To derive and analyze the current satisfaction level of the employees in the company.
• Assessment of the management developmental needs and areas of improvement.
• Assessment of level of progress in performance improvement and overall company’s climate.

2. Scope of application:

• Apply for the evaluation of satisfying the entire staff of Korea Japan

3. Documents related:

• Human resource handbook.
• This document is suitable and followed ISO 9000 standard, version 2004.

4. Definitions:

• None applied.

5. Policies of employee satisfaction:

• The employee satisfaction survey is carried one time per 3 months.

• The sample size for the survey is about 40% of the total / target population. The total / target population for the employee satisfaction survey includes the complete employee strength at the company.

6. Steps of implementing employee satisfaction:

6.1 Step 1 - Employee satisfaction study / research.

Each quarter, HR Manager reviews the information needed to determine the satisfaction of employees based on the following basis.

• Information and results of the survey times before.
• Comments by company directors.
• Proposal by HR staff and Department managers.
• Other contents in the purpose of this process.

6.2 Step 2 - Develop evaluation plan:

• Pursuant to the need to evaluate, HR Manager create a draft of content assessed in the form and attached this procedure.

• HR manager also discuss with other manager about content, method assessed. Then the draft must be sent to director for approval.

•Methods of appraisal also indicate clearly. You also use employee satisfaction survey software for appraisal.

6.3 Step 3 - Transfer form to employees:

Pursuant to the plan was approved by Director, HR manager deployed to HR staff do the following:

• Photo sufficient number of survey.
• Preparing small envelope enough based on number of survey.
• Preparing large envelope by department.
• Deployment to Manager / Supervisors about survey plan.
• Move the survey to department heads. Each employee will be received 01 form attached with an envelope.
• When employees complete the assessment, they must be closed envelope by pasting on it, send to the department head.
• Head of department is responsible for collecting envelope and then send to HR department.

6.4 Step 4 - Gather and analyze data:

• Next time 3-5 days from the date of distributing survey, HR department is responsible for collecting survey and send it to director..
• Based on the opinions of staff, Director of the company will assign people to enter and analyze data.
• Analysts are responsible to analyze survey data and preparation of reports.
• Presentation of results to directors, department managers.
• Communication of the results to employees through employees meeting, Company newsletters, memoranda and feedback meetings conducted by trained leaders to clarify and identify issues.
• Development of plans by department managers to respond to issues identified in feedback sessions.

6.5. Step 5 – Implement improvement.

• HR department is responsible for implementing improvement solutions, supervising result and reporting result to director.

7. Deployment of procedure:

• This document was distributed to Board of Directors, all departments.
• Head of personnel is responsible for guiding the staff of this document (requires employees to sign).
• The guidelines for staff to be in the minutes of instructions and procedures and training on latest 1 week from the date of receiving the document.

8. Form attached:

Appraisal plan of employee satisfaction.
Employee satisfaction form.

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