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Sample employee satisfaction survey

SAMPLE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY Dear all employees, We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level ...


Dear all employees,

We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company.

This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate your opinions about our company and job. We assure you that your responses will be held in confidence.

1. Instruction for survey:

• Kindly rate your satisfaction level on the questions given below.
• Kindly add your comments with the questions, if any.
• Writing your name at the end of the form.
• Send this form to HR department before...... HR department is responsible to collect all these employee satisfaction surveys.

2. Rating scale of survey:

5- Very Satisfied
4- Satisfied
3- Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied
2- Dissatisfied
1- Very Dissatisfied

3. Content of question:

About organization

• I am proud to tell people i work for this company
• My company is one of the best companies to work for.
• My company treats me well.

About work

• I understand what is expected of me in my work.
• I have the material/equipment and tools I need to do my job well
• I am satisfied with my working conditions.
• I am satisfied with my job and the kind of work I do.
• My job is challenging and interesting.
• I am getting enough relevant training for my present job.
• My manager recognizes and acknowledges my good performance.
• Overall, I am satisfied with my present job.

Career and Development

• I was given enough feedback on my performance.
• I am satisfied with the opportunities for training.
• The company makes every effort to fill vacancies from within before recruiting from outside.
• I am satisfied with the job opportunities in the company.
• Promotion goes to those who most deserve it.

Relationship with managers / supervisors

• My manager establishes plans and work objectives with me.
• My manager gives me clear instructions.
• My manager is available when I need advice.
• My manager (immediate supervisor) trusts me.
• My manager helps me to improve myself.
• My manager takes prompt and fair corrective action on employees who fail to perform their work satisfactorily.
• I feel free to talk openly and honestly to my manager.
• My manager praises me when I do a good job.
• My manager holds regular meetings with my work groups.
• Those meetings keep me informed, give me information and enable me to do a better job.
• My manager is effective in making decisions.
• My manager knows what is going on in my work group.
• My manager is doing a good job.

Relationship with coworkers

• I am satisfied with how members of my work group solve problems.
• My work group works well together.
• Work is fairly distributed in my work group.
• I feel free to talk openly and honestly with members of my work group.

Working conditions and environment

• I believe my job is secure
• My physical working conditions are good
• Deadlines at Radiant are realistic
• My workload is reasonable

Benefits and compensations

• I am satisfied with the company’s employee welfare programs such as rewards, incentives, food coupons, insurance and health care, etc.
• I am satisfied with the recreational activities provided by the company, e.g. picnics and annual dinner.
• I am satisfied with the company’s people programs, such as birthday announcements, valuable employee of the month, bulletins and newsletter, etc.


• What is it that you like most in your job right now?

• What is it that you are not comfortable in your job right now?

• What do you need to improve your performance and productivity?

• Give us at least three suggestions to improve the work environment in this company?

You name:              You job code:               Department:

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