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Assessment centres

1. What is assessment centres methods? • It is "mass" method to appraise and select "mass" candidates. • Assessment cent...

1. What is assessment centres methods?

• It is "mass" method to appraise and select "mass" candidates.
• Assessment centres provide an opportunity to review and assess the performance and ability of candidates in a variety of ways including individual and group exercises, case studies, role- plays, and presentations.
• Consists of a number of exercises/activities designed to simulate various relevant job tasks

2. Who use this method?

• Recruitment agencies
• Recruitment consultants
• Company itself

3. Components of assessment centres

• Duration of the centre (one day might be insufficient for more senior posts).
• Location (reality or ideal surroundings and accessibility for candidates with disabilities).
• Number of candidates brought together (five may be too few for comfort under observation and more than eight gives problems in sharing the assessed time).
• Number, mix, and experience of assessors.

4. Advantages of an Assessment Centres

• It is proven to be more effective in predicting on the job performance because it simulates real work situations.
• Candidates are given a much more realistic perspective on the role and company.
• All candidates are measured objectively to the same criteria.
• Cost of hire is reduced because the "hit rate" is higher.
• Candidates feel more satisfied that even if they are not successful they have been given a "fair go".
• Feedback is much more detailed and relevant to the task and can even be used to assist in designing training.

5. The disadvantages of an assessment Centres

• Some could say it could be unfair to the candidate that they have to be at their best on the day or they lose out.
• They only have a one-hour interview and secondly there is no reason for them to muck it up if they have been given a thorough briefing and know what to expect.

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