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New employee checklist

New employee checklist 1. Before the new employee arrives • Send offer letter to new employee. • Communicate to new employee via phone/email...

New employee checklist

1. Before the new employee arrives

• Send offer letter to new employee.

• Communicate to new employee via phone/email: Work schedule for the first week, Specific directions to work location.

• Inform everyone in your unit of the new employee’s name, job title, starting date, role in department and job duties.

• Order business cards if required.

• Add new employee to appropriate directories and email groups.

• Prepare and clean work area.

• Update nameplates, phone lists, schedules, org charts, departmental email lists, etc.

• Inform staff of new person.

• Plan and schedule job-related training.

• Add the person's name to any departmental or team email lists.

• Make sure the person has an "emergency supply kit".

• Set up E-mail account.

• Print copies of employee manual, contract, benefits package, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

• Compile list of key personnel crucial to IT department for new employee to meet.

• Schedule meetings with above personnel.

• Identify and assign mentor.

• Obtain copies of building keys.

• Prepare agenda of topics/issues to be covered on first day.

• Prepare list of department-specific strategies and objectives.

2. First day on the job of new employee

• Review policies and procedures regarding: dress code, time cards, non-smoking policy, personal calls/cell phone usage.

• Provide keys and have employee sign key requisition.

• Explain unit policies regarding after-hours and weekend access to work area.

• Give one specific task to accomplish in employee’s job area.

• Offer to have lunch with new employee or arrange for a co-worker to have lunch with the new employee.

• Arrange to meet the employee at the end of the day to answer any questions.

• Tour employee’s work area and show him/her locations of restrooms, break areas, emergency exits and vending machines.

• Introduce to co-workers.

• Share unit mission statement, goals and objectives.

• Review unit organization chart and affiliated departments and units.

• Provide employee with a copy of his/her job description.

• Review safety policies/procedures regarding emergency procedures, on-the-job injuries, fire extinguishers, contacting Public Safety/Security.

• Demonstrate or provide written instructions regarding telephone use (including voice mail), fax machine and copy machine.

• Provide information regarding when, where and how long he/she has for meal times and break periods.

• Explain policies regarding punctuality, i.e., how to notify the supervisor if he/she is going to be late or absent due to illness.

• Show employee where to store his/her personal belongings and how to secure valuables.

3. During the first week of new employee

• Review employee work area to ensure needed equipment is in place.

• Request a departmental workstation evaluation if the employee will use a computer more than four hours per day.

• Set up a brief meeting with the employee and the assigned buddy to review the first week's activities (if appropriate).

• Schedule meeting with Department Personnel Manager to: complete required paperwork, review personnel policies and procedures, learn about benefits (health & life insurance, select benefits, etc.), schedule new employee orientation (if it has not been scheduled), explain time cards, review vacation/sick/personal leave policies, obtain parking permit (if appropriate).

• Have appropriate office personnel review: after-hours and weekend office access, general review of accounting (if appropriate), listing of account numbers (if appropriate), journal vouchers (if appropriate), travel and reimbursement, travel credit card, office supplies, copy machine and fax use, office safety issues.

• Review computer competency: overview of policies and procedures, including confidentiality and privacy issues; assessment of knowledge of and comfort with department's hardware and software; hardware: turning on, backing up, printing, shutting down, etc; software: Word, Excel, Eudora, Page Maker, or other programs needed by the position; E-mail, Internet; arrange further training and support as needed.

4. Within first month of employment of new employee

• Meet with employee to review: Job description, performance standards, work rules.

• Send employee to New Employee Orientation to review: Health and safety, benefits overview.

• Check to be sure employee has signed up for benefits prior to enrollment deadline.

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