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New employee orientation

I/ Purpose of new employee orientation • First and foremost, to achieve rapid employee assimilation into the work environment. • To strength...

I/ Purpose of new employee orientation

• First and foremost, to achieve rapid employee assimilation into the work environment.

• To strengthen employee relations through the dissemination of better information about integrated solutions.

• To familiarize new employees with the integrated solutions quality philosophy, along with its employee programs and training.

• To increase productivity of new employees by giving them a better understanding of our organization, products, partners and customers.

• To increase new employees' loyalty and, ultimately, retention by helping to create a better feeling of belonging to integrated solutions.

II/ Process of new employee orientation

1. Before the new employee arrives

• Send offer letter to new employee and confirm letter.

• Inform everyone in your unit of the new employee’s name, job title, starting date, role in department and job duties.

• Prepare all equipments and working place for new employee.

2. First day on the job of new employee

• Discuss labor contract, rights, obligations, compensations and benefits of new employee.

• Provide employee with a copy of his/her job description, employee handbook, company regulations.

• Introduce about company and explain policies and procedure, regulations to new employee.

• Tour employee’s work area and show him/her locations of restrooms, break areas, emergency exits and vending machines.

• Organize meeting between new employee with supervisors, coworkers…

• Inform new employee to all people, department related by written notices or website, even by newspapers.

• Hand over new employee to line manager.

• Hand over instruments, computers…to new employee.

3. At the end of the first week

• Line manager should inform purpose, objects of positions to employee, performance standards….

• Meet with employee / supervisor to review requirements, the performance of new employee.

4. At the end of probation period.

• Meet with employee / supervisor to review performance results.

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