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I/ Selection methods: 1. Interview methods This is most popular methods of selection. You can use 10 methods of interview to select candida...

I/ Selection methods:

1. Interview methods

This is most popular methods of selection. You can use 10 methods of interview to select candidates.

2. Application Forms and CVs

This method is used to review all records of candidates such as Application form, CVs, Certificates…

3. References

Involves assessment of an individual by a third party, usually a former work colleague or boss.

4. Work Sample

Work samples involve an individual or group of candidates completing exercises that they would be required to undertake as part of the position.

5. Test methods

Test methods include Ability testing, Aptitude testing, Personality test...

6. Assessment Centres

Assessment centres provide an opportunity to review and assess the performance and ability of candidates in a variety of ways including individual and group exercises, case studies, role- plays, and presentations.

7. Presentations method

Presentations is a method of recruitment and selection. The applicant is provided with a topic and given a timeframe to deliver a presentation on that topic.

8. Group discussion

Group discussion is a method of recruitment and selection. It include 3-5 candidates who discuss about a topic or some ones given by employer.

9. Online screening and shortlisting

It review, screen candidates 's knowledge, skills by online checking.

10. Biodata

With an increase of CVs in internet, applications have become more and more similar so that biodata (biographical data) forms have been developed to identify selection of people that are similar to those high performers already in the organization.

11. Informal meetings

Informal meetings can be used as a way of observing a candidate's behavior in a less formal environment, such as lunches or morning tea, cafes.

12. Graphology

The essence of graphology is that analysts claim to be able to describe an individual's personality from a sample of their handwriting. Their theoretical basis is that of trait psychology, which holds that personality has a number of fixed dimensions which are relatively unchangeable and do not depend on the situation.

13. Astrology

This is a method used mainly in Asia area.

II/ Choice of selection method

Choice depends on:

• Practicability: The costs incurred etc.
• Reliability: Whether the result varies from day-to-day.
• Validity: Whether the activity measures what is sought.
• Sensitivity: The measure of differentiation between candidates.

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