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Selection process

SELECTION PROCESS Selection process include steps from receiving CVs from candidates to interview. • Before selection process is recruitment...


Selection process include steps from receiving CVs from candidates to interview.

• Before selection process is recruitment process.
• After selection process is hiring process.

Steps of selection process include:

1. Get CVs from candidates

• Resumes are obtained from a variety of sources that include extensive database of company, internet job boards, job fairs, employee referrals, and direct recruitment...
• All applicants are invited to either e-mail or telephone for finishing application form.

2. Pre-check CVs and make short-list candidates

• After receiving CVs, HR dept check records of candidates by the standards of the company.
• Potential applicants are screened via telephone, in order to confirm their relevant skills, experience, and availability.
• After testing is complete, HR dept make a list of potential candidates to prepare for the test below.
• For some key positions, you can a survey to related people of candidate about candidate’s background.
• Unqualified CVs should be kept carefully for the next recruitment.

3. Written Exams

The forms of examination can be:

• English.
• Computer and internet.
• Professional knowledge and skills.

For the candidates who have to make test, HR dept associate with line managers build system of questions then moved to director for approval.

Pursuant to bank of questions, recruitment staff conducted written exams.

4. Interviews

• Interviews are normally conducted by a panel which will include the line manager, an HR Representative and perhaps more senior members of the Department or Faculty.
• In some cases, there may be second or even third interviews. Some interviews may need to be conducted by telephone.
• The interviews include interviews of personnel manager with department heads and interviewed by the director.
• Before each interview, the company must call or send invitation letter to candidates.

5. Hiring decision

• After the interview is finished, HR dept perform the next step is the hiring process.
• HR dept should send letter of notice to candidates who does not meet the requirements.

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