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Training process

Training process 1. Identify training needs: a. Sources of training needs: Training needs of the company based on the level of company devel...

Training process

1. Identify training needs:

a. Sources of training needs:

Training needs of the company based on the level of company development and HR policies of company such as

• Plans and strategic goals … in the future.
• The upcoming needs of managers, professional staff.
• The changes in process of technology, tools and equipment.
• What are the requirements of law and standards affect to the organization.

Training needs are identified on Training Needs Appraisal Form by HR manager and / or department heads

b. Review training needs:

Based on Training Needs Appraisal Form, Training manager will review and give consultants to directors base on policies, procedures of company.

Then, training manager send Training Needs Appraisal Form to director for approval.

Based on the proposed division of department head and training manager, director approve form and returned to the training dept.

2. Making training plan.

Training dept will make training plan based on the following factors:

• Training title.
• The purpose of the training.
• Training application.
• Training method.
• Time of training.
• Training costs…

Based on the training plan, directors will review with comments. In case, plan meet the requirements then director will approve for implementation.

3. Implementation of training plan:

The training is done through 2 forms: training in house and external training.

• Training in house is a type of training trained by the professional training company or trainer from management level.
• Training outside the form of training by outside experts and it is conducted outside company.

Training dept will be responsible for deploying training plan.

Details of this step express at process of training in house and external training process.

4. Training Records:

• Training dept have to maintain training records as regulated by this procedure as rules related.
• These training records are maintained in the separate folder or personnel file till the particular employee remains with the company

5. Training appraisal.

Effectiveness of training is appraised base on 5 levels as follows.

• Level 1: Reaction
• Level 2: Learning
• Level 3: Application and implementation
• Level 4: Final results
• Level 5: Return on Investment

Depend on type of training, training manager is responsible for identifying appraisal indicators in written and send to director for approval.

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