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Human resources policies

Building HR policies are one of important activity in HR management. You can ref HR policy samples as follows. If you have any ideas, please...

Building HR policies are one of important activity in HR management.

You can ref HR policy samples as follows. If you have any ideas, please take some time to leave your comments at box at the end of this topic.

1. Recruitment and selection

Recruitment policy
Employment category
Sexual harassment policy
Probation policy
Equal employment opportunity policy

2. Training and development

3. Compensation and benefits

Leave policy
Bereavement leave policy
Adoption leave policy
Paternity Leave policy
Maternity leave policy
Loan policy
Working time policy
Vacation policy
Holiday policy
Sick leave policy
Overtime policy

4. Health and safety

Health and safety policy
Smoking policy
Visitor policy
Corporate security policy
Alcohol and drug policy
Discipline policy
Computer policy
Email policy
Internet use policy
Cell phone policy
Grievance policy

5. Employee relations

Communication policy
Problem resolution policy
Personal appearance policy
Conflicts of interest policy

If you need more information about HR policies or want to ref more ones, please leave your comments at the end of this topic.

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