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Interview process

I/ INTERVIEW ROUNDS 1. First-Round Interview The first-round interview is an in-depth conversation between HR dept and candidates to check ...


1. First-Round Interview

The first-round interview is an in-depth conversation between HR dept and candidates to check basic requirements of experience and skills relate to job specification.

2. Second interviews

This round is conducted between line manager, HR manager …and candidates to check background and technical competencies of candidate.

3. Final interview

This round usually conduct between director and candidate. This round also include discussion about compensations and benefits.


1. Before the Interview

• Inform interview plan to all participants
• Prepare all interview forms, equipment, book interview room.
• Determine your options - which skills are vital as opposed to convenient.
• If other people are going to be involved in the interview process, make sure they have taken the time to prepare for the interview.
• Have detailed information about the candidate.
• Each person should have a couple of overlap questions to provide insight on the prospective employee's responses.
• Have company information available for candidates.
• Allow plenty of time for the interview.

2. During the Interview

• Interview the person.
• Tell the candidate what to expect in the hiring process.
• Tell them your expectations: experience expected, career advancement, training, duties the direction the department is headed in.
• Show the candidate where they would fit into the organization.
• Ask questions that are, broad, job-related, objective, meaningful, direct, clear, open-ended, understood & related.
• Be open and honest with the candidate.
• Don't talk money.

3. Closing the Interview

• Insure that you and the candidate have concluded on common ground.
• Review the next steps with a clear and honest timetable (and stick to it).
• Be friendly and honest to the end of the interview; don't give false encouragement or go into details for rejection.
• Ask if she/he has any other questions.
• At the end of the interview, if you are interested in the candidate, let them know.

4. After the Interview

• Rate the applicant on a 1-5 scale as a potential employee.
• Discuss the candidates reaction and interest.
• Take time to update the next person in the interview process.

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