Mistakes in hiring employee

Top 10 common mistakes in hiring employee ( recruitment of candidates ) 1. Setting Too Many Criteria These are many criteria for each positi...

Top 10 common mistakes in hiring employee (recruitment of candidates)

1. Setting Too Many Criteria

These are many criteria for each position but you should identify 5-7 key criteria for candidates. The number one (or most critical) factor for success in any given job is often as important or more important than all the other factors put together. e most accurate prediction of success on the job is based on no more than 5-7 factors.

2. Do Not Pre-screen Candidates

Pre-screening applicants is a must for recruiting and hiring the best employees. You can discover whether the candidate has the knowledge and experience you need. You can save your time and time of candidates.

3. Not explaining the process.

If you will have the top candidates come in for three interviews over a period of a month, let them know. Also, give them a target date for the completion of the process. Leaving candidates in the dark about what will happen next can be bad for the reputation of your business.

4. Poorly Prepared Interview

Preparing your questions, having a job description in place, keeping formal notes of the process, knowing how to explain the job requirements and having answers to all of the commonly asked questions are integral to looking professional and polished to your potential employees.

5. Not involving your line managers in the process.

You might include some of them in the interview process. They know clearly job requirements, job standards, job duties….They will feel a greater sense of ownership in a company when they are involved in some manner.

6. Lack of a time frame.

Set up a time frame in which you will recruit candidates, narrow down the pool, interview the best ones, and hire someone. There are job ads that appear in newspapers for many months, which gives the appearance that these companies are not seriously looking to recruit new candidates.

7. Paying a lot to an outside recruiter.

Large companies can afford to hire a recruiter but most small businesses should not spend money on recruiters, which may or may not bring in the best candidates.

8. Always using the same hiring source.

You should remember that each hiring channel have different advantages for such position so that you should do not use some source for all positions.

9. Not providing a complete job description.

By providing an accurate description of the job, you can narrow down your candidate pool and make the process easier.

10. Looking for a hero.

An job description include specific background, traits, characteristics, degrees, specific computer skills, and so on. So that you can chose right person, higher person, lower person. It depend on your recruitment strategy for ech position.

When recruiting, you should do not set standards that only a superhero can meet.

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