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SAMPLE APPOINTMENT LETTER From Mr/Mrs (Full Address) Dear Mr/Mrs Reference to your interview with us, we have pleasure in offering you a pro...


From Mr/Mrs
(Full Address)

Dear Mr/Mrs

Reference to your interview with us, we have pleasure in offering you a probationary appointment as a HR Manager in our company. The terms and conditions of your appointment are given below.

1. You will be on probation for a period of xxx months from the date of your joining us, at the end of which, you will be confirmed in writing to be on the permanent rolls of the company, if your services are found satisfactory. The company may extend the probationary period if necessary.

2. You will be paid a gross salary of xxxxxx per month. You will earn paid leave at the rate of one (1) day per month; however, you may use it only after your probation period is completed.

3. During the probation period, the company may terminate your services without notice if your performance is not up to our expectations or for any other reason.

4. You will be governed by the service rules of this company as may be applicable to you from time to time.

5. Your appointment will be subject to being medically fit at the commencement of and at any time during the tenure of your employment with the company; the company has a right at all times to send you for a medical checkup to ascertain your fitness for the job.

6. The company reserves the right to alter or modify its working hours or to increase them.

7. This is a position of continuous responsibility and does not entail payment of extra time or overtime.

8. All programs, System Designs, Manuals, Literature etc. developed by you, while in the company service will at all times be deemed to be sole property of the company. Also, the company will at all times, have the sole proprietary right in any new system which you may develop while in the company's service.

9. During the period of your employment, you will work honestly, faithfully, diligently and efficiently for the growth of the company. You are expected to maintain utmost secrecy in regard to the affairs of the company and shall keep confidential any information, instruments, documents etc., relating to the company that may come to your professional knowledge as an employee of the company.

We request you to produce a proof of your age, relieving letter from previous employer, graduation/post graduation certificate, two passport size photographs and proof of last drawn salary with a true copy of the same for our records on the day of your joining.

Yours truly
for xxxxxxx

Authorised Designatory

The appointment letter is enclosed in duplicate. You are requested to sign the duplicate copy of the appointment letter in acknowledgment of your having accepted the terms and conditions before xxth January, 2009 failing which this offer will stand automatically withdrawn.

I have read, understood and accepted the above terms and conditions of employment. As desired, I shall join service w.e.f. xxth January 2009 or earlier.


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