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Safety compliance questionnaire

1. Clinic questions • Is the clinic suitably equipped in compliance with the guidelines ( beds, first aid materials, medicines)? • Are scree...

1. Clinic questions

• Is the clinic suitably equipped in compliance with the guidelines ( beds, first aid materials, medicines)?
• Are screens/curtains provided to allow privacy?
• Is there system in place to check expiration dates of medicine?
• Are sufficient number of employees trained in First Aid by a recognized organization

2. First Aid Kits questions

• Are First Aid kits available in all work areas ( 1 per every 100 workers)
• Are First Aid kits are easily accessible, identified and/or unlocked?
• Are First Aid kits adequately stocked and appropriate for work areas?

3. Chemical Storage Area

• Are appropriate warning signs displayed?
• Is there an effective ventilation system?
• Is there an effective secondary containment system for liquid chemicals?
• There should be no floor drain in the chemical ware house
• Are all drums, containers, dispensers clearly labeled?
• Is eye wash is available within 30 M of where chemicals are stored?
• Are Fire Extinguisher available?
• Is MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ) is posted in areas where chemicals are stored?

4. Signs/Labeling safety questions

• Are signs /labeling displayed in bilingual language?
• Are signs are large enough to see from a distance and clear?

5. General Equipment / House Keeping / Electricity

• Use of Electricity
• Are electrical switches labeled in bilingual language?
• Are generators installed suitable earthed?
• Are copies of Electrician qualifications certificates etc. kept on file?
• Are all electrical maintenance carried out are properly recorded?

6. General Equipment / House Keeping / Electrical Hazards

• Are "Danger: high Voltage" warning signs clearly displayed around high voltage areas and access to authorized personnel only?
• Are high voltage areas are clean and tidy with no material storage?
• Is access to generator areas restricted to authorized personnel only? Are warning signs posted?
• Is generator room is clean and tidy with no material storage?
• Is adequate noise protection provided for workers working in generator rooms? Are hearing protection warning signs displayed?
• Is electrical wirings suitably insulated and labeled?
• Are workers provided with necessary protective equipment (PPE) and trained in the correct use of PPE?

7. Machinery safety questions

• Is the risk of personal injury from dangerous machinery controlled by adequate (a) hand operation switches (b) guards (c) minimized gaps (d) emergency stops (e) protective gloves (f) warning signs
• Are fan blades adequately guarded (Mesh /screen holes)?
• Are all conveyer belt gears, drive shafts and belts adequately guarded?
• When necessary, is suitable eye protection provided and used to reduce the risk of eye injuries?
• Are air compressor areas clean and tidy and free of material storage?
• Are noise level in the work areas acceptable? Have noise survey been conducted?

8. Kitchen safety questions

• Are Kitchen & floors are kept clean, sanitary, odor free and free of grease?
• Are Kitchen Staff given regular medical Check ( particularly test for transmissible disease such as hepatitis and typhoid )?
• Are refrigeration facilities available in kitchen?
• Are food preparation surfaces clean, free of cracks, cuts etc?
• Are there sufficient tables/chairs inside canteen or eating facilities provided under a roof?
• Are all preparation knives & chopping boards kept clean, sharp, rust free and are correctly stored?
• Are all electrical appliances are in good condition in kitchen?
• Is system in place to ensure the food prepared in canteen is fresh /hygienic?
• Are all dry foods correctly stored, clear and above the floor?
• Is the factory maintained in a clean and tidy state?
• Is there arrangements to remove produced waste effectively and regularly?
• Are passage way kept clear of obstructions?
• Do all kitchen personnel wear hats or hair nets?

9. Bathrooms / Toilets safety questions

• Is number of toilets sufficient for both men and women ?
• The bathroom facilities are clean and generally free of odor?
• Are the bathroom facilities are well ventilated and have running water?
• Is soap / liquid soap, tissue paper, hand towels available in the toilets?
• Are proper masks, rubber shoes, aprons etc provided to house keepers?
• Toilets have water flushing system?

10. Emergency Exits questions

• Is there sufficient directional and exit signs to ensure that all exit routes are clearly indicated in bilingual language
• Do all work areas have at least two exits
• Emergency Exits door to be opened out side.

11. Emergency Lighting questions

• Do all emergency lighting units work properly?
• Are all Emergency lights tested monthly and records of test kept?

12. Fire Extinguishers/ Hose Reel / Hydrant

• Are there adequate number of fire extinguishers available?
• Are locations of fire extinguishers clearly marked?
• Are extinguishers visually checked monthly ( with control tags)?
• Are fire extinguishers inspected annually by outside professional agency; documentation is on file

13. Emergency questions

• Does a facility has a documented emergency preparedness program?
• Records of Evacuation Drill
• Records of tests of alarm & emergency lighting system
• Does the facility has the documented fire & emergency evacuation plan?
• The plan has floor maps prominently displayed in the factory ( including office)?
• Actual Location ( "You are here")
• Extinguisher location
• Identification of major fire risks
• Phone numbers of local fire dept(s)
• Phone numbers of ambulance/hospital
• Evacuation routes
• Assembly areas

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