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Sample aptitude tests

Aptitude tests Aptitude test definition of a test used to predict future performance in a given activity, "intended to ...

Aptitude tests

Aptitude test definition of

a test used to predict future performance in a given activity, "intended to predict success in some occupation or training course" (Cronbach, 1984). Cp. achievement test.

Aptitude test definition of

A standardized test designed to measure a person's skill and/or knowledge in a specific area. This type of test is often used by employers to test potential employees on their ability to perform a particular task or tasks that they will be asked to do if hired. (ex. keyboarding skills).

Apart from that, you also ref over 100 aptitude test questions by topics as follows:

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2. Career aptitude test

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4. Sales Aptitude Test

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8. Free online aptitude test

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10. Job aptitude test

11. Verbal ability test

12. General aptitude test

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Height and Distance
Time and Work
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
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Average Area
Volume and Surface Area
Permutation and Combination
Numbers Problems on Numbers
Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M
Decimal Fraction
Square Root and Cube Root
Surds and Indices
Ratio and Proportion
Chain Rule
Pipes and Cistern
Boats and Streams
Alligation or Mixture
Races and Games
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