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Free employee satisfaction survey

FREE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY Dear all employees, We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at...


Dear all employees,

We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company.
This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate your opinions about our company and job. We assure you that your responses will be held in confidence.

1. Instruction for survey:

• Kindly rate your satisfaction level on the questions given below.
• Kindly add your comments with the questions, if any.
• Writing your name at the end of the form.
• Send this form to HR department before…… HR department is responsible to collect all these employee satisfaction surveys.

2. Rating scale of survey:

5- Very Satisfied
4- Satisfied
3- Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied
2- Dissatisfied
1- Very Dissatisfied

3. Content of question:

3.1 Works

• Do you like the work?
• Do you give suggestions on work?
• Do you feel you have freedom to perform your job?
• Do you find yourself part of the team?
• Do you think that your present work will help you grow in your career?

3.2. Work stress:

• Do you find that the skill demands of the job are more than that you have?
• Do you find the work schedule too tight?
• Do you feel free to get help from supervisor?
• Do you find colleagues understanding to help you?
• Do you find the work load too heavy?

3.3.Your immediate supervisor:

• My supervisor gives appreciation to good work done by me promply.
• My views and participation are valued.
• My supervisor gives me feedback on my work.
• My supervisor gives me guidance whenever I want.
• My supervisor corrects me gently when I go wrong in the work.

3. 4. Career tenure:

• Do you feel uncertain about your tenure in the company?
• Would you recommend employment in the company to your friend?
• Do you feel that the company has concern for its people?
• Tick the minimum number of years you plan to work in the Company. If you don’t know, write “Don’t know”.
• How satisfied are you with overall job security?

3.5. Communication systems:

• Company updates me with all important developments.
• My supervisor shares with me on all important corporate developments.
• My supervisor communicates regularly about our department’s performance.
• I have a good understanding about the company’s various benefit plans/schemes.
• I can share with my supervisor on my career anxieties.

3. 6. Compensation package:

• I am satisfied with the salary I receive.
• I am satisfied with the annual increase I have received.
• I am satisfied that my compensation package matches my responsibilities.
• I agree that the Company’s compensation package matches similar organizations in the industry.
• I am satisfied with the welfare facilities extended by the company.

3.7. Performance management:

• My performance for every year is reviewed and discussed with me.
• If I do good work, I can count on career growth in the Company.
• I feel my services are well recognized.
• Individual initiative is encouraged in the Company.
• I am satisfied with the ratings given to me on my performance.

3. 8. Overall opinion:

• Your overall opinion on the Company as an employer:

Excellent Very Good Good Not Good Bad

• Two aspects you like very much in the Company.
• Two aspects you do not like very much in the Company.
• Any suggestion you have to make the Company a better employer.
• Any special problem you have in working in the Organization..

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