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90 days evaluation form

90 days evaluation form Employee Name _________________ Position: _______________________ Department:_____________________ Date of arrival:_...

90 days evaluation form

Employee Name _________________
Position: _______________________
Date of arrival:___________________

Major purpose: briefly describes the major accomplishment he/she has achieved
in his /her position during the past 90 days.

Major’s area of responsibilities: indicate one or two major areas of responsibility in the job that you would like to focus to during the next 90 days.

1. Interpersonal relationship

• Deal effectively with other
• Encourage other
• Keep self and other informed
• Understand and support ideas
• Demonstrates self control

2. Communication skill

• Listen actively
• Speak with confidence
• Maintain professional appearance
• Ask question when appropriate
• Organize thought & idea clearly

3. Team work

• Contribution actively achieve team goals
• Set a good ex. For other
• Weigh other view point
• Establish good working relationship
• Accept critical feedback

4. Innovation ability

• Self starter and resourcefulness
• Generates new idea and change
• Positive attitude
• Use innovative and creativity to solve problem

5. Customer service

• Consistently place customer need as a priority
• React quickly when a customer is dissatisfied
• Act proactively on customer suggestion
• Makes an effort to listen

6. Results

• Complete all goals & objective set for the positions
• Produce volume of the work
• Quality of work
• Takes pride in work

7. Technical delivery

• Timely delivery
• Quality of delivery
• Overall technical delivery
• New skill acquire

Manager’s recommendation

Total score (avg) _________
Indicate specific area from the above list you would like to see improvement on.

Employee signature ________________ date _______________
Manager signature ________________ date _______________

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