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Audit questionnaire of compensation and benefits

Audit questionnaire of compensation and benefits 1. How is the compensation program and total compensation package communicated to employees...

Audit questionnaire of compensation and benefits

1. How is the compensation program and total compensation package communicated to employees?

2. What are the “cultural issues” or beliefs related to compensation in your organization?

3. What is the eligibility requirement for vacation?

4. Is there a cap to limit the amount of vacation accrued?

5. Are employees permitted to substitute sick leave for vacation?

6. How is unused accrued vacation treated?

7. Can employees contribute sick leave to other employees, and if so, what are the limits?

8. How is employee communication regarding compensation and benefits delivered in your organization?

9. Describe the health insurance program provided by your organization?

10. Are dependents covered, and if so, in part or in full?

11. Are domestic partners covered?

12. What are the eligibility requirements for health insurance and other benefits?

13. requirements for coverage?

• Dental
• Vision
• Disability
• Employee Assistance Program
• Life Insurance
• Other wellness benefits
• Flex benefit plan
• Other benefits

14. What is the pension or retirement plan?

15. What is the vesting period?

16. Can employees contribute?

17. Can pretax dollars be put into some form of deferment plan?

18. What holidays are paid and who is eligible for them?

19. What is the vacation schedule, and how is it earned?

20. Is there a formal compensation program?

21. How are wages set?

22. Are formal salary ranges set?

23. If formal salary ranges are set, are they made public to employees?

24. How are jobs rated?

25. How frequently are jobs re-evaluated or updated?

26. Are any salary surveys used? If so, which ones?

27. Are pay ranges revised as a result of these surveys? How frequently?

28. Who in your organization (what position) administers the compensation program?

29. Are merit increases given, and if so, are they integrated with performance evaluation?

30. Is there a bonus system, and if so how is it structured?

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