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Health and safety audit questionnaire

Health and safety audit questionnaire 1. Does the policy provide guidance to managers on implementation of related programs? 2. Does one pos...

Health and safety audit questionnaire

1. Does the policy provide guidance to managers on implementation of related programs?

2. Does one position within the organization oversee and coordinate safety, health and wellness activities?

3. Is there a process that ensures organizational compliance with current governmental regulations?

4. Does the organization have a policy stating its philosophy on employee safety, health and wellness?

5. Is this policy clearly supported and monitored by management?

6. Are there policies and procedures that demonstrate compliance with federal, state and local regulations?

7. Are all aspects of OSHA regulations adhered to, such as:

• The general duty clause?
• General industry and vertical standards?
• Recordkeeping requirements?
• The right-to-know clause?

8. Does your organization have a wellness program in place? Does it include:

• A qualified wellness coordinator?
• Voluntary free biennial physicals?
• A health risk assessment?
• A health risk assessment follow-up?
• Counseling and feedback on health and lifestyle improvements?
• Discussions/training on health-related topics?
• Access to exercise and fitness facilities?
• An evaluation of program effectiveness (measurable by reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, fewer claims, and progress against major risk factors measured in health exams)?

9. Does the evaluation include a cost/benefit analysis?

10. Does your organization have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Does it include:

• An analysis of problems employees exhibit that, if assisted, would improve the organization’s bottom line (this could be determined by an examination of company records of accidents, benefits usage, absences, performance, as well as by interviews with employees, supervisors and medical personnel)?
• An evaluation of the program’s effectiveness to reduce absenteeism and accident and health insurance claims and improve performance?
• A cost/benefit analysis?

11. Does your organization engage in workplace evacuation drills? If so, how often?

12. On the same one-to-seven scale, how do you think your internal clients and employees would rate your safety, health and wellness programs?

13. Does your organization have formal accident prevention programs? If so, do they include:

• An analysis of work-related injuries by category, department and location?
• Formal workplace inspections?
• A process to address biomechanics and ergonomics in the workplace?
• Inspections that address accident causes, unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors?
• Employee training in accident prevention and good safety practices?
• Reinforcement and recognition of safe behaviors?

14. Does your organization measure the cost/benefit ratio of safety programs?

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