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Interview assessment form

Interview assessment form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interview...

Interview assessment form

1. Candidate info:

• Candidate name:
• Sex:
• Birth of date:
• Apply to position:
• Date of interview:
• Interviewers:

2. Rating scales:

• Poor
• Fair
• Average
• Good
• Superior

3. Interview appraisal factors:

Education & Experience

• Basic Qualifications
• Other Relevant Courses
• Years of Experience
• Relevance of Experience

Job Knowledge & Skills

• Functional Knowledge
• Thoroughness
• General Knowledge
• Computer Skills

Personal Attributes

• Personal Appearance
• Confidence & Assertiveness
• Team Spirit
• Analytical Ability
• Creativeness


• Emotional Stability
• General Attitude
• Diplomacy/Tactfulness


• Ability to Logically Organize Thoughts
• Ability to Express Ideas
• English Language Skills
• Arabic Language Skills

4. Overall rating:

• Outstanding
• Very Good
• Good
• Satisfactory
• Unsatisfactory

5. General Observations:

Joining Potential: Strong/Weak ________________

Expected Salary ______________ Previous Salary _____________

Offered Salary _________________

Interview Committee: 1. _____________,2.______________, 3.____________________

Signature: 1._________________ 2.___________________3.______________________

Final Assessment.
HR :

Concerned Dept :

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