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Flexible schedule

What is Flexible schedule? Flexible scheduling is an alternative work arrangement providing employees with greater flexibility in meeting t...

What is Flexible schedule?

Flexible scheduling is an alternative work arrangement providing employees with greater flexibility in meeting their own personal needs by allowing them to work nontraditional schedules (i.e., compressed workweek, summer hours or flextime).

Flexible scheduling policy


Identify the needs of staff members of Seattle Pacific University (SPU) to develop suitable retaining policies; there are various options of scheduling offered by SPU, including mutually agreed option between SPU and its staff. Flexible schedule must take into account the balance of cost and contribution by each staff member, their service, productivity and working spirit.


The schedule covers all daily works, time intervals and rest times. The schedule must be prepared in compliance with state and federal laws.


If an employee wishes to have a flexible working schedule because of his personal affair or similar problems, he is required to submit a proposal in writing to the direct supervisor. In such a proposal, the employee must specify the reasons, proposed schedule, and how he can ensure his performance with the new schedule. Direct supervisor shall consider the proposal, taking into account his group objectives and policies of the company, then make decisions to approve or disapprove of flexible schedule. In case the proposed schedule involves any task of other units, the direct supervisor shall forward the proposal to the dean or director. When a proposal is approved, it is still possibly withdrawn if it is in the sole opinion of the supervisor at any time that the flexible schedule can no longer be of interest of the organization or suitable. Head of HR division also can work with any supervisor to propose changes of flexible schedule for any staff member.

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