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Forecasting the ability to provide human resources

Forecasting the ability to provide human resources 1. Human resources from inside the organization: The inside sources include the number an...

Forecasting the ability to provide human resources

1. Human resources from inside the organization:

The inside sources include the number and types of employee who are going to be promoted, transferred and are trainable ones.

Organizations should have a plan to forecast the inside sources of employee as these sources are at low cost and risk.

Techniques of Forecasting the inside Human resources:

a) Analyzing the rate of leave employee:

To know exactly the demand for employee, the personnel manager must know how many employees leave the company. The number of employee who have finished working, including ones who retire, finish the labor contracts, have accidents at work, resign or are cut down. More specifically, the managers need to calculate this rate for each department and specific position. In almost organizations, they often use the data from previous years.

b) Qualification statistic:

This is a rather commonly used technique. All the most basic information about employees will be written down and carefully kept as archives. They will help managers to identify the skills and qualifications of the employees for different jobs. These information include:

• Personal information: age, gender, marital status....
• Skills, professional qualifications, experience, educational diplomas....
• Salary level and the process of salary raising.
• Others....

Nowadays, in almost small and medium organizations, these information are stored in computer, which is called Personnel Management System (PMS). These data will be provided for the analyzing process and also the managers can use them to evaluate the available skills in the company for future demands.

The employees may benefit much from this system. They will have more opportunities to be promoted and will always be cared about. Therefore, this technique can satisfy both the goals of personnel management and the employee’s needs.

c) Alternating Graph:

This method is less complex than qualification statistic, but only used by managerial, professional or highly skillful employees and is created for the next year. The graph can be created specifically for each position in the department or in the whole company. The graph will be used for promotion plan and assure that there are always substitute employees.

The qualification statistic technique above collects important data for this method. Information such as name, age, current position, experience and performance evaluation reports will show the employee’s potential for promotion. Alternating Graph will summarize the information about the employees, which will help the manager easily realize the suitable candidates for the job and select potential substitutes for this position.

This graph will clearly show :

• The positions or work that may be vacant or need new employee due to resignation, promotion, transferring, work leave or demotion.
• The list of the best employees who can take over management positions in the future.
• The graph also helps to find out the lacking skills in the company.

Alternating Graph is easy to be updated, which will allow the personnel manager and others to have in mind a general picture of personnel management in the company.

2. Human resources from outside:

To forecast the need of outside resources, the managers need to analyze and evaluate the follows:

• The regional and local labor market: This is a huge market for supplying employees.
• Population, Population composition by age, working capability, qualification, skill....

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