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Wages and benefits compliance checklist

Wages and benefits compliance checklist 1. Low risk level • All payroll records present, all ee’s receive a detailed pay slip (if required b...

Wages and benefits compliance checklist

1. Low risk level

• All payroll records present, all ee’s receive a detailed pay slip (if required by law)
• Accurate payroll records
• All employees classified correctly and receive correct wages
• Employee interviews match payroll records and other due diligence documents; All employees paid from the regular payroll with all required payments and deductions recorded accurately
• No wage violations
• All deductions in compliance w/law
• All equipment provided free of charge, no disciplinary deductions or policies
• All legally required benefits provided
• Wages paid on time and at least once per month

2. Intermediate risk level

• Non-payment of mandated benefits due to unintentional clerical errors
• Late payment of wages
• Legally required pay slips not issued
• Unintentional payroll errors
• Employees misclassified resulting in wage deficiencies (driver, office, samples, etc. Mainly in USA)
• Strong suspicion of inconsistencies between the employee testimonies, payroll or other documents where manipulation can not be confirmed after further investigation (usually cited as a recordkeeping violation with a “Monitor’s Note” to the client detailing the strong suspicion)
• Unintentional wage computation mistakes
• Hiring deposits as a condition of employment (where not regulated by law)
• Non-regulated nominal charge/deposit for disciplinary issues, tools, PPE, uniform etc. (i.e. law is silent); policies for illegal deductions found in writing but not in practice

3. High risk level

• Mandated benefits not provided (i.e. social security, maternity leave, annual leave, etc.)
• Non-payment of wages or pay period over one month
• Missing payroll records
• Missing employees on payroll
• Manipulated payroll records
• Minimum wage and overtime violations
• Illegal or excessive deductions which place a financial burden on the employee(s) (hiring deposits not regulated by law, hiring deposits prohibited by law
• Illegal or non-regulated excessive charges/deductions from pay which place a financial burden on the employee (disciplinary issues, tools, uniforms, PPE, etc.)
• Repeated employee misclassification findings resulting in wage deficiencies (mainly in USA)
– Intentional non-payment of wages
– Two or more conflicting employee testimonies with payroll or other records resulting in wage deficiencies
– Conflicting employee testimonies resulting in backwages or any backwage situation (USA only)
– Late payment of wages
– Confirmed illegal cash pay “under the table” (not on payroll, usually reported by employees) without required deductions and/or no wage recordkeeping proving correct MW or OT pay

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