3 recruitment tips to select an effective CV

3 recruitment tips to select an effective CV After posting Recruitment Ads, you will soon be abundant with many Application forms from many ...

3 recruitment tips to select an effective CV

After posting Recruitment Ads, you will soon be abundant with many Application forms from many candidates. As a result, the selection of Files may cost you lot of time selecting the best out of them. Therefore, having an effective selection shall increase your change of attracting more and more potential candidates to the interview and to work for your company.

According to many HR experts, in order to make a proper selection of files, you should follow such steps as below:

Tip 1: Eliminate candidates who do not meet the basic requirements

• This is an easy step to do. For example, the recruitment position requires a university graduate student, so, you just need to eliminate which files do not meet this requirement. Of course there are also some special cases in which the candidate doesn't meet such requirement but his ages of experiences suit the position well. So, what shall you do? Just continuing to step 2 as follows:

Tip 2: Select Files to be

• Complete, concisely and interesting as one of the performances of being unprofessional is the spelling and grammar mistakes in the Application File. So, just check it

• Career goals and experience to be in accordance with the requirements of the job or not

• Not only experience in such position but also outstanding achievements shall be considered. In step 02, you should decide the "stronger points" of each candidate to the others such as education level and years of experience.

For example, a candidate graduating from a prestige university shall surely be more potential to succeed than one who graduated from a normal university. This is like the method used by many employers in assessing candidates graduating from famous "brand" such as MIT, Oxford or Harvard. However, this is not always a correct method in recruitment. After step 2, you may invite the candidates to the step 3, interviewing:

Tip 3: Performances of an unqualified candidate:

• You should have noticed immediately such performances of un unqualified candidate as the candidate doesn't have career goals or necessary experiences in accordance to the requirements or he/she has been unemployed for a long time or changed jobs quite often.
Besides, here below are some small tips to help you select the qualified application forms more easily and effectively:

• Spend less time considering the application files of unqualified candidates (step 1) and more time evaluating the most potential ones (step 2).

• Do not evaluate on basis of "Visibility". You can see the candidate in one way, but in fact, he/she may prove to be another. Such technical candidates shall usually not be able to prepare such "attractive" application forms as social ones. Therefore, you should examine carefully their achievements previously to make a correct choice.

• Avoid comparing candidates with each other. You should only compare the candidate's qualification with the requirements of the job to find a suitable one.

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