Job analysis interview questions

Job analysis interview questions includes questions as follows: 1. Interview information • Name of Employee: • Job Title: • Job Analyst: • D...

Job analysis interview questions includes questions as follows:

1. Interview information

• Name of Employee:
• Job Title:
• Job Analyst:
• Department:
• Date:

2. Job introduction

• Describe: location of job and, if necessary or appropriate.

3. Job purpose:

• What is the essence of work in your position? What is the job's overall purpose?

4. Job duties

• What are the main duties and responsibilities of your position?
• Describe your duties in the following categories: daily duties, periodic duties, duties performed at irregular intervals
• How long do they take?
• How do you do them?
• Are you performing duties not presently included in your job description? Describe.
• Do you use special tools, equipment, or other sources of aid? If so, list the names of the principal tools, equipment, or sources of aid you use.
• Describe the frequency and degree to which you are engaged in such activities as: pushing, throwing, pulling, carrying, sitting, running, kneeling, crawling, reaching, climbing…

5. Job criteria / results

• How would you define success in your work?
• Have work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so, what are they?
• Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job.

6. Records and Reports

• What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?
• Who do you have to send these reports?

7. Supervisor

• Who is your supervisor?
• What kinds of questions or problems would you ordinarily refer to your supervisor?
• Are the instructions you receive clear and consistent with your job description?

8. Authority

• What is the level of authority vested in your position?
• What is the level of accountability and to whom are you accountable?
• What kinds of independent action were you allowed to taking?

9. Responsibilities

• Are you responsible for any confidential material? If so, describe how you handle it.
• Are you responsible for any money or things of monetary value? If so, describe how you handle it.

10. Compensation

• Consider your level of productivity, and the skill level required to fulfill your responsibilities, do you think that you are: underpaid? equational paid? Overpaid?

11. Knowledge

• What special knowledge of specific work aids are needed for this position?
• Describe the level, degree, and breadth of knowledge required in these areas or subjects.
• Indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).
• What level of education is required for your position?
• What type of certification and licensing is required for your position?
• Can you specify the training time needed to arrive at a level of competence on the job?
• What sort of on the job training is needed for this position?

12. Skills/ Experience

• What activities must you perform with ease and precision?
• What are the manual skills that are required to operate machines, vehicles, equipment, or to use tools?
• Indicates the amount of experience needed to perform the job.
• What level of experience and skills are required for your position?

13. Abilities required

• What mathematical ability must you have?
• What reasoning or problem solving ability must you have?
• What interpersonal abilities are required? What supervisory or managing abilities are required?
• What physical abilities such as strengths, coordination, a visually acuity must you have?

14. Working instruments

• Describe briefly what machines, tools, equipment or work aids the incumbent works with on a regular basis.

15. Health and safety

• What is the safety conditions related to this position?
• Does your work present any type of hazardous or unusual working conditions?

16. Working conditions

• Describe your working conditions.
• Describe the frequency and degree to which you will encounter working conditions such as these: cramped quarters, moving objects, vibration, inadequate ventilation.

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