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Process of job analysis interview

Process of job analysis interview includes steps as follows: Step 1: Interview plan * Identify the workers who know the job best * Set up a ...

Process of job analysis interview includes steps as follows:

Step 1: Interview plan

* Identify the workers who know the job best
* Set up a appointment with the person to be interviewed.
* Review your knowledge about the organization unit you will be working with.

Step 2: Explain your role

* Explain clearly the nature of your role. Often the incumbents believe that they are being appraised or evaluated by you.
* Avoid dominating the interview.
* Know the person’s name, speak in easily understood language, briefly review the interview’s purpose.
* Built relationship between analyst and incumbent, a relationship of mutual confidence between you and the interviewee is necessary to set the best results.

Step 3: Interview conducting

* Follow a structured guide or checklist, interview questions. This ensures you’ll identify crucial questions.
* Make sure to give the worker some leeway in answering questions, and provide some open-ended questions not yes/no questions.
* Encourage the worker to talk through empathy.
* Help the worker to think and talk depending on the logical sequence of the duties performed.
* Ask the worker only one question at a time.
* Avoid asking leading questions
* Control the time and subject matter of the interview.
* Be patient and considerate to the worker.
* Summarize the information obtained before closing the interview.
* Always complete job study within the objectives of the programs.

Step 4: Closing the interview

* It will be polite to ask if there are any questions or comments.
* Give the job holder an opportunity to clarify a point which has been troubling him.
* After completing the interview, review and verify the data.
* Review your notes as soon as possible after an interview while the interview is still fresh in your mind.

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