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Questions of critical incident technique

1. Contents of critical incident: • Context - in which the incident occurred • Behavior - exactly what the individual did that was effective...

1. Contents of critical incident:

• Context - in which the incident occurred
• Behavior - exactly what the individual did that was effective or ineffective
• Consequences - of the behavior and whether or not consequences were in the employee’s control

2. Sample questions of critical incident technique

Context Questions

• Tell me what you know about what happened.
• Please think of what was happening when you were carrying out activity X.
• Were any events particularly good or helpful to you.
• Were any events particularly bad or unhelpful to you?
• Ask participants to describe an event, what let up to it, and what happened as a result.
• Incident context – What led up to the incident (background)? What was the situation?
• Describe what led up to the situation.
• What assumptions have I made about the client or problem or situation.
• What were the circumstances surrounding the incident? What was the situation?
• What will I do if I am faced with a similar situation in the future?

Behavior question:

• What exactly did the person do that was effective / ineffective?
• Exactly what did the person do or not do that was
• especially effective or ineffective?
• What was the outcome or result of this action?
• Why was this action effective, or what more effective
• action might have been expected?

Consequence questions:

• What was the outcome of the behavior?
• What were the consequences of the behavior? Were the consequences due to the person’s behavior?
• How long ago the incident happened;
• What you observed being done, or not being done - the behavior; and
• What resulted that led you to believe the action was effective or ineffective - the consequences.
• You also will be asked to supply some descriptive information about the context in which the incident occurred
• The circumstances leading up to the incident - the antecedents;

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