Recruitment methods of management levels

Recruitment methods of management levels Applicants often have to do practice tests in one of these forms: 1. Aggregate exercises: In Aggreg...

Recruitment methods of management levels

Applicants often have to do practice tests in one of these forms:

1. Aggregate exercises:

In Aggregate exercises, applicants are assigned the tasks of accessing, dealing with different types of report table, note board and telephone letter, setting up meetings and many other problems that a manager needs to do everyday.

2. Group seminar without leader:

The applicants for manager level are often organized into a group; this group is without leader or person of charge. The recruitment board will assigned the group with some discussion questions. All the members have to discuss and finally, give the group decision. The board will have to evaluate the communication ability, executive or leadership ability and mutual influence ability of all the group members.

3. Management games:

In management games, all members have to take part in the process of solving practical problems. They often have to play roles of executive board members of two or more competitors in business. They need to make decision about various problems such as how to produce, how to advertise, how many shares need to be under control, and so on. In this type of exercise, applicants will be tested about the abilities of organizing, planning, communicating and holding the role as a leader.

4. Personal performance:

Personal performance requires the applicants to give presentations or opinions about certain problems. Through the presentations, the recruitment board will have the conclusion about the applicants’ ability to appear in front of the community and the clearness in the way they express their opinions.

5. Purposeful tests:

Purposeful tests include all types of personal test, psychological reaction test, applicant’s preference test and so on.

6. Conclusive interview:

The final interview required the applicant to pass the interview in front of the recruitment board so that they may understand more carefully about the applicant’s preference, basic knowledge, previous job and job motivation. After this final interview, the board may announce the results of each applicant and make decision about the chosen ones.

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