Aptitude test questions

Aptitude test questions I. Overview of aptitude test Aptitude Test is of the two tests conducted by the employers to evaluate a potential ca...

Aptitude test questions

I. Overview of aptitude test

Aptitude Test is of the two tests conducted by the employers to evaluate a potential candidate for the job. The other test is personality test, as some may call. A personality test is a test to evaluate a candidate’s specific characteristics and traits while an aptitude test evaluates a candidate’s potential capabilities to perform the job.

A typical aptitude test is used to evaluate one’s potential knowledge and skills that have been gained throughout his life in relation to the following areas:

• Verbal reasoning.
• Numerical reasoning.
• Spatial reasoning.

As a candidate’s ability to learn new skills and knowledge in relation to certain job duties is very important to the employers (for training and re-training purposes), aptitude test is designed appropriately to reflect the candidate’s abilities to perform the job duties he is going to take over.

In addition, such an aptitude test is also for purpose of identifying the candidate’s potential talents which may give him a better performance at the workplace, on basis of which, the employer may make decision about compensation and training policy to help the potential candidate feel more fulfilled and devoted to the job in the future (In case he/she is to be employed).

II. Aptitude test tips

1. Preparation for an Aptitude Test

In order to give a good performance at an aptitude test, one should consider his abilities in basic math and arithmetic. In addition, practicing such a kind of test is very useful to get you used to the techniques. SHL Direct is a useful source of such sample tests for you to practice.

Another way is to call directly the employers or visit their website for such sample tests that are designed specifically for the job you are applying for. However, these are not always available.

2. During the Test:

• pay attention to and understand well the instruction of the employers
• answer briefly and in quick manner
• quick answer is important; so, don’t stay at an question for too long

Also, be noted that it is not a big deal if you cannot answer a question because this test is only a part in a whole lot bigger recruitment process. So, do not be so stressful if you fail to answer one.

III. Types of aptitude test questions

1. Aptitude test questions

2. Career aptitude test

3. Online aptitude test

4. Sales Aptitude Test

5. Example aptitude test

6. Sample aptitude test

7. Attitude test

8. Free online aptitude test

9. Free aptitude test

10. Job aptitude test

11. Verbal ability test

12. General aptitude test

III/ Related job tests

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