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4 methods to improve performance appraisal

4 methods to improve performance appraisal Making employees believe in fair evaluation of the job performance and making them actively parti...

4 methods to improve performance appraisal

Making employees believe in fair evaluation of the job performance and making them actively participate in the evaluating process is a measure to improve job performance evaluation. To achieve the objective evaluation, human resource staff need to note some of the followings:

1. Regularly conducting the evaluation of the job performance.

When mentioning good employees, comments on the evaluation of the work implementation will make them happy and eager to work. If they do not work well, they will have the opportunity to learn about their shortcomings and fix them to complete their tasks.

2. Roles of HR staffs

Human resource staff should show that they are knowledgeable and interested in the work of the evaluated staff. Between supervisors and employees, there should be an agreement on the primary responsibility to perform the job.

3. HR staffs and appraisees

Human resource staff should coordinate with employees, asking them to participate in planning work as a basis of better assessment to exclude changes in the assessment.

4. Training in performance appraisal

Training and instructing human resource staff in the evaluation of job performance of employees.

To eliminate primary mistakes in evaluating job performance of employees, it is necessary to train human resource staff to work on evaluating the job performance of employees.

Based on the classification and evaluation according to different criteria, the instructor will explain the mistakes that the evaluator has made. Then the instructor will point out general ways of assessment and illustrate more about the failure which the evaluator has done.

During the evaluation process, pay attention to external factors affecting the accuracy of the job performance assessment, such as transfer rate, average wages in the office and other external pressure.

Thus, to train evaluators effectively, it should be noticed that real life issues will affect the evaluation results of the job performance.

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