Roles of leaders in improving performance appraisal

Roles of leaders in improving performance appraisal Making belief of local staffs that evaluations on their performance are equal and are to...

Roles of leaders in improving performance appraisal

Making belief of local staffs that evaluations on their performance are equal and are to encourage them actively and constructively participate in the evaluation process

1. Conducting these routine evaluations on the employee performance

Conducting periodic evaluations on employee performance. If staffs having well and effective performance on their own ongoing and completed tasks, such assessments will make them excited and encourage them to work with greater degrees of readiness, in contrast, if they having yet had well performance, it is to create an opportunity for them to make aware of their weakness and to have further improvement themselves.

Taking care to employees and share the mutual understanding the work of employees. It is necessary for leaders and employees to have consensus on requirements, responsibilities and standards in performing the tasks of staff. When employees are not doing well, leaders should make specific guidance for staff to know how to overcome their drawbacks in job performance.

Stating these well-completed tasks of staff, such good assessments encourage them to work with greater degrees of readiness. If they having yet had well-performance on their jobs, they are given an opportunity to realize their shortcomings and to overcome them to finish their jobs involved. Human resource staffs should express that they share understandings and attention for staffs’ jobs in which they are being evaluated.

It is necessary for assessment makers and staffs to have consensus on main duties to finish tasks. Human resource staffs should co-ordinate and suggest them positive participation in planning their work being the basic to carry out these good evaluations so as to avoid these amendment of such assessments.

2. Training, instructing human resource staffs to make evaluations on employee performance

In order to avoid fault involved in making evaluations on employee performance, it should provide training courses for human resource staffs in charge of evaluation making of employee performance.

In accordance with different criteria-based performance evaluation for employee rating, guiders should state fault involved in making evaluations. Then, the guiders state common evaluations and further explanation about problems makers involved.

In the evaluation process, it should pay attention to external factors affecting the accuracy of performance evaluation of employees such as transferring rate, average salary, and the other from external pressure.

Therefore, in process of training evaluation makers, it should pay attention to real life factors affecting performance evaluation.

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