Performance Appraisal Phrases

Phrases or Comments for Performance Appraisal (also other topics: Performance review phrases, Performance evaluation phrases, Performance ma...

Phrases or Comments for Performance Appraisal

(also other topics: Performance review phrases, Performance evaluation phrases, Performance management phrases...)

Performance Appraisal is an increasingly important phase in management tasks. The management shall not be effective if the manager doesn’t give appropriate appraisal on his/her employees’ performance. It is even worse and may affect the overall performance if the employees are appraised wrongly and inadequately.

The following sample phrases shall come in handy if a manger wants to give the most appropriate evaluation on his/her employees’ performance:

1. Management Style phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phrases

• Mandy started the period with such poor performance; she, however, finished it amazingly with her team performance was the best of all the groups.
• Greg took over the worst team of the company, but he managed so well that he has changed every member to be one of the most effective employees in the company.
• Terry has received much positive appraisal from his subordinates and other line-managers.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Holly is not effective in leading her team to high performance.
• Paul has not yet known the ways to deal with situations among a group; therefore, his team gives our company a poor result.
• Julie is a great employee; she, however, does not well in being a manager.

performance review phrases

2. Teamwork Skill phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phrases

• Maria is a good team member. She is very cooperative and helpful in times of need.
• Out team’s success depends on the performance of each member and Bill’s ability to coordinate such performance together.
• Ben doesn’t care who receives the credit. He only cares about how to get the job done excellently.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Andrea is more suitable to an individual-focused environment than a group-work environment.
• Esther directed each member toward accomplishing their tasks; she didn’t focus on coordinating them toward one common goal, however.
• Olive still doesn’t get it the benefit and efficiency of sharing the tasks with others.

3. Working Attitude phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases

• Thom can maintain his cheerful attitude under any situation, good or bad. Such attitude helps us always keep enthusiastic.
• Angle has strong and firm personality which is reflected in her calm attitude toward any situation. That’s a great trait to look up to.
• Bob always look at the bright side of the situation. He is one of a few that we can count on every time.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Terry is quick to dissatisfy with his work. He should consider how negative such attitude can affect those around him and change that behavior.
• Lindsay is a good person; however, she is very vulnerable against any criticism. Such fragile characteristic of hers is not much good to the team.
• To put it simply, Jim’s negative attitude shall affect negatively on the team performance. He should change that.

4. Communication Skill phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases
• Barry always knows the important and necessary information to share with other colleagues.
• One of Jane’s talents is that she can communicate very well with other people.
• Brenda has such a competent communication skill.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Tom’s word is not reliable anymore. His poor communication skill only gives us less trust.
• Justine only gives our customers a negative image of the company.
• Jim is not good at communicating with others, both in written or verbal manner

5. Cooperation phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases
• Greg is such an important element in boosting the team’s morale.
• Peter always looks at criticism as an opportunity to improve himself even better.
• Danny is very sensible to other people’s feelings.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Bob cannot stand it when people do not help him when he required; he, however, refuses to give assistance to others when being required.
• Bill is too focused on individual method but ignores the benefit of group work.
• Instead of utilizing the abilities of whole group, Holly often gives up the task for such simple reasons as she doesn’t know how to do it.

6. Creativity phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases

• Jim is very creativity and is a great asset in time of need.
• Sally has such innovative approach in daily work, which prevents the team from boredom.
• Clinton always knows to add something in his tasks and projects, which makes them ever exciting and fun to do.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• Jennifer rarely considers new ideas or approaches, even if the progress has come to a standstill state and needs a change.
• Kailan should be more creative in his tasks and projects.
• Ally is unwilling to take up any risk of applying new changes.

7. Reliability phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases

• George is best known for his reliability and willingness in helping others.
• We can count on Danny. He has never failed us in completing any task.
• Walter is very enthusiastic. He is willing to work overtime if it means to get the job done better.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• With such irregular performance, we should not rely too much on Ben.
• We should pass Lenny over for this assignment. He is not reliable enough.
• Peter shall not meet your expectation. He is never prepared to do whatever it requires to get the job done.

8. Interpersonal Skill phrases

a. Positive Appraisal Phases

• Pete is a very interesting colleague to work with.
• Bill always knows how to establish a good rapport with other team members.
• Jane gets on well with other people easily. She has a very good communication skill.

b. Negative Appraisal Phases

• It’s rarely for Tide to appreciate other members’ performance. He shall only upset those around him.
• During his path, Ryan has gained nothing but left traces of bad relationship with others.
• Paula tends to stand alone in the corner among a crowd. It’s hardly to communicate with her.

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List of Performance Review Phrases

1. Goals-setting

2. Teamwork

3. Problem solving

4. Critical-thinking

5. Quality of work

6. Communication

7. Time management

8. Training ability

9. Technical skills

10. Management style

11. Interpersonal skills

12. Dependability

13. Customer satisfaction

14. Cooperation

15. Attitude

16. Attendance

17. Initiative

18. Creativity

19. Accountability

20. Adaptability

21. Appearance/Hygiene

22. Collaboration

23. Commitment

24. Core competencies

25. Customer focus

26. Customer service

27. Decision making

28. Flexibility

29. HR

30. Ideals

31. Improvement

32. Innovation

33. Integrity

34. Job Knowledge

35. Job performance

36. Judgment

37. Leadership

38. Listening Skills

39. Management Skills

40. Mentoring

41. Planning skills

42. Productivity

43. Relationship Building

44. Reliability (attendance and tardiness)

45. Strengths and weaknesses

46. Stress management

47. Supervision

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