How to write a performance review

The method of writing a performance view In any organizations, after frequent time, the managers will use consider and give an evaluation on...

The method of writing a performance view

In any organizations, after frequent time, the managers will use consider and give an evaluation on the abilities and performance of everybody; as usual it is often annual review appraisal. This is often a written paper which the managers and employee can summarize and measure how well each employee work. There are some common tips for making a performance appraisal which are useful for your staff as below:

I. Steps of writing performance review

1. Let your employee evaluate themselves: Firstly, you should ask your employees give an evaluation on their working effectiveness by themselves. After that you can check how their self- perception is, what he does more to the task without your realization or even which job can make him complete with his all pride. This is a very effective method which can help you to finish the performance appraisal.

2. Recheck all the written communication in the specific time relating to the performance appraisal

- Check again the latest email which you and your employees send to each other. By reading the previous emails between yours, you can not only understand on the negative and positive situations they mentioned in the email but also have knowledge on his/her communication style.

- Check and give evaluation on the reports of project results which mentioned clearly the working results and gains of each employee. You should pay attention on their interaction style and reporting abilities through these reports.

- Examine all the memos and reports of each employee which relating to their communications styles and results between them and you or other colleges in your company.

3. Identify the targets and achievements which your employees get during the appraisal process

- Give evaluation on the results of quantifiable objectives or goals. If the employees finish the targets as your expectation or better than the estimated plan, it will get the positive feedback in the appraisal. If the result is not good, they cannot reach the achievements and failure results in the bad or negative feedback.

- Evaluate the qualitative goals: There are some differences between the qualitative and quantifiable goals. Some standard qualitative targets such as expanding computer skills, broadening communication or improving customer service… You can use these standards to decide how your employees reach the required goals.

4. Review the attendance record

- Pay attention on some cases in which your employees were absent due to other reasons not the healthy issues.

- Find out the reasons if your employees come late frequently.

5. Make the comparison and evaluation on the real performance based on her real detail duties

You should have a look at the real performance of your employees by comparing his/her real details working with the job requirements, and then make the decision whether she/he finishes the job well or not. If they have complete with expected or even better result, let them know that by the positive feedback or comments.

6. Get some comments from other departments on your employees

- In your organization, your employees will contact or work with other members in other departments. So it is recommended for the managers ask them talk something about your employees’ abilities and working effectiveness.

- Besides you can ask the departments’ head about how good the cooperation of your employees with their staffs is and whether your employees are ready to study, support or cooperate as the team members not.

7. Schedule of writing a performance appraisal with separated standards

- Summarize some negative and positive of each employees based on the attendance records.

- Give evaluation on the abilities and leadership or soft skills of your staff such as his innovative ideas, his willingness to work initiatively as well as his suggestions or methods to deal with objective with highest result.

- Give comments on your employees’ abilities and effectiveness and let them know whether they meet the expectations or not.

- Let your staff know how their abilities of communicating and working with you and others are good or not and some suggestions what they should do to improve it.

- Based on the working result, give conclusions about whether your staffs had arranged the time suitable with the work objective or not.

8. Before the general face-to- face meeting on the performance review you should spend some time to let your staff knows how their written performance appraisal is. This step is very important and useful because it can help both of you avoid the tension due to the negative feedback.

II. How to write an effective performance appraisal

1. Make the staffs feel comfortable with their performance appraisals. The most effective way to do that is to make everyone know clearly about the performance appraisal with some details information like the appraisal form, rating system…. And you also should have the common form of performance objectives and the measurements of the next review periods.

2. Utilize all the benefits from the performance appraisal. It is recommended for you to take these benefits because this process can be the method to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of your team.

3. Promote your employees keep the records for the next periods: it is very important for all staffs keep be informed the newest changes of company such as descriptions of results achieved with special assignments, documentation of ongoing coaching discussions and of feedback from other business areas, company’s objectives… It is better for managers to know clearly what your employees think as the most important, then you will have the solutions to keep the most exact and equivalent appraisal.

4. To show the real situation and finish the performance appraisal review you can use the accomplishment, facts… It is better for you to use the specific sayings to keep the employees focus on their objectives with details ratings as well as pay attention and chase the targets with the improvements in performance. This can also be an effective solution to help your company avoid the unlikely event relating to legal.

5. To focus on the observed behavior you should express the objective opinions with the real sayings than the personal opinions.

6. To help your employees do their best abilities with the highest result you can promote them by the encouraged sayings so that they can finish their tasks with expected results and improvement suggestions. In this case, it is very important for you to keep a stable, careful and honestly words; avoid the negative comments because these can make everything become worse. You can pay more attention on the critical issues relating to your team success then decide and explain what the most effective improvement suggestions are.

7. Be aware of the positives words to keep the desired behavior and promote your employees. It is recommended for you to remind your all employees and managers about the employees’ actions and ask them to keep in mind about the most value and significance.


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