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10 recruitment methods

Recruitment can conduct by 9 methods as follows: 1. Recruitment by Campus method Campus is the location of a university, college, or school’...

Recruitment can conduct by 9 methods as follows:


1. Recruitment by Campus method

Campus is the location of a university, college, or school’s main buildings. This method is based onrecruitment at university, colleges…

2. Recruitment by Job centers

Job centers often specialize in recruitment for specific sectors. They usually provide a shortlist of candidates based on the people registered with the agency. They also supply temporary or interim employees.

3. Head hunting.

Head hunting are recruitment agents who provide a more specialized approach to the recruitment of keyemployees and/or senior management.

4. Recruitment by Advertisements

They can be found in many places such as:

• Newspaper
• Job posting on job sites
• Ads on websites related to positions recruited.

5. Database search on job sites.

Company can buy data from job websites for a week or a month to search candidates.

6. Employee referral

This method often refer to as ‘word of mouth’ and can be a recommendation from a colleague at work.

7. Contract staffing.

Company can buy staffing contract from HR outsourcing.

8. Word-of-mouth recruitment

9. Free online ads

You can post your recruitment ads at free websites such as forums, blogs…

10. Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment can conduct by types of:

• Present permanent employees (based on programs of career development).
• Present temporary / casual employees.
• Retired employees.
• Dependents of deceased disabled, retired and present employees.


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