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What is MSDS?

What is MSDS? Material safety data sheet ( MSDS ) is a form that required by OSHA , an MSDS is a detailed description of each hazardous che...

What is MSDS?

Material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a form that required by OSHA, an MSDS is a detailed description of each hazardous chemical located in the workplace, which includes information regarding potential health risks, symptoms and treatment measures to be taken if exposure occurs.

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MSDS Requirements

MDS requirements are provided in paragraph (g) of 29 CFR 1910.1200. These equipments are applied to the workplace with hazardous chemicals or substances that have concentration of 1% or higher (or 0.1% if the substance is carcinogen). Specific amount is not stipulated by MDS.

MDS requirements are mandatory as a part of organizations’ duty of compliance. Information and data on MDS must be available for public review at any request.

• These information must be recorded and maintained in English; also, some details below must be readily available, too;
• List of chemicals appearing at the workplace must be contained;
• Basic characteristics and common names of the chemicals
• Chemical ingredients
• Ingredient statement specifically designed for carcinogen and other current hazardous substances
• Specific hazards appearing at the workplace

If a company uses any hazardous chemical in its production process, or imports or transports any of the same from a manufacturer, an MDS list from that manufacturer is required and kept and maintained at the workplace.

As for manufacturers, they are also required to prepare and submit such MDS lists, too. They may refer to MDS forms of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, which contain general information to be filled in such a list as well as common formats to be applied for presenting.

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