Group interview

1. What is group interview ?

All the candidates/job seekers will be in the same room during the interview.

2. Topics of group interview:

• Leadership qualities.
• Communication with possible team mates.
• How the candidate will face the public and customers.
• What level of knowledge candidates have.
• How knowledge is used in a discussion.

3. Remarks to group interviews:

• Show your opinion but let the other candidates speak.
• Ignore any candidates who are too aggressive or make any personal remarks.
• Try to avoid getting in one to one conversations.
• It is always a good idea to have the final statement in a group interview.

4. Output of group interviews:

• One or two candidates will be chosen.
• one to one interview should be conducted in next step.

Sample questions

• What made this team work successfully?
• Who would you hire from your group? Why?
• What was your personal contribution to the team’s performance?
• Why did this team struggle to accomplish the objective?
• How did you deal with the stress created by meeting the challenges?
• How would your colleagues describe you?
• How would you describe yourself?
• What interested you in our company?
• How do you work in a team?
• Describe your career history and future goals in 30 seconds.

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