Interview methods

1. What is candidate interview?

The interview process is formed through identification of the key requirements of the job and a list of questions is drawn up. A panel of interviewers works through each set of questions with each candidate and scores them on their answers.

2. When we use interview?

Often acts as the final phase of a selection process, after short-listing of candidates has occurred.

3. Interview Methods

We can use 10 methods of interviews as follows:

Unstructured interview
Structured interview
Screening interview
Behavioral interview
Stress interview
Situational interview
Phone interview
Face to face interview
Group interview
Panel interview

4. Interview purposes

a. For candidates:
• An opportunity to convince the employer of your potential.
• An opportunity to find out more about the job and the company.
• An opportunity to expand on the information in application form or resume.

b. For the employer:
• A means to assess your abilities in relation to the requirements of the position, “Have you got what they want?”.
• An opportunity to discuss your training, experience, knowledge and abilities in more detail.
• An opportunity to see what drives and motivates you and to determine whether you will be able to fit in with both the team and the company as a whole.

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