Panel interview

1. What is panel interview?

• A panel interview is a technique that allows several member of a hiring company to interview a interviewee at the same time.
• A panel interview include a committee interview and one interviewee

2. Who are members of interview team?

• Hiring manager
• Line managers
• Department heads
• Managers
• Clients
• HR personnel
• Stakeholder representatives…

3. Conditions of panel interviews

• One interviewer should be the leader, and everyone else is in a support position.
• The panel should include no more than three or four people
• All member of interview committee must ask question.

4. Advantages of panel interviews

• You don’t make instant judgments about the quality of an answer while the candidate is answering because others are asking for clarifying information.
• It’s a great way for subordinates to meet the candidate without the typical awkwardness.
• They’re more objective since there is less personal interaction. It’s hard to chit-chat during a panel interview.
• You have a chance to think more about the candidate’s responses since you’re not the only one asking questions.
• With a panel interview, you’ll also see more of the candidate’s true personality, especially if most of the follow-up questions are about how accomplishments were achieved.
• It saves time. It only takes three or four people one to two hours to conduct a complete interview versus a whole day.
• The assessment is more accurate and consistent. Since everyone is using the same information to make an assessment, consistency is achieved.
• It allows weaker interviewers to be involved. This is especially important if the weaker interviewer is the hiring manager.

5. Disadvantages of panel interviews

• It is often time consuming and difficult to get the panel together and this delays the hiring process.
• It can be an expensive exercise.
• You may find it difficult to reach consensus on the hiring decision due to different views and approaches.

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