Performance appraisal phrases – quality of work

Performance appraisal phrases – quality of work (evaluation phrases, review phrases…).

Quality of work is one of the most importance factors in job performance appraisal. However, making an exact estimate or measuring the quality of work is a highly difficult task. So, using suitable appraisal phase while evaluating the quality of work is very useful for your performance appraisal process.

I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for quality of work

1. John is a careful and smart staff. So he always accomplishes his performance with high quality.

2. John always ensures to bring the precision into his performance.

3. John has never skipped any detail of any duty that he is assigned.

4. John has ability to make product without mistake.

5. John always concentrates on his duties. He never omits any given assignment.

6. We can believe in John’s performance because it always maintains high quality and precision.

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II/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for quality of work

1. We cannot put trust in John. He rarely satisfies our expectation with high quality products.

2. John often makes products with mistake. His products hardly to satisfy the conditions of examination.

3. John usually omits responsibilities. As an unavoidable result, he makes products with many mistakes.

4. John is unable to distinguish which are core requirements of his duties.

5. John is unable to make quality products.

6. John does not take much time to check his performance before transferring to others.

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The review phrases for quality of work are a great/helpful sample for periodical/annual performance appraisal. You should pay attention that the review phrase for quality of work can be positive/ effective or negative/bad/poor depend on your‘ s one.

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