Phone interview

Phone Interviews

1. What is phone interview?

Phone interview is a method which is conducted by telephone.

2. When phone interviews is used?

• Most screening interviews are done by phone interview.
• A phone interview is also used when candidates reside in other countries.

3. What phone interviews should do’s ?

• Be well prepared.
• Use a land line to avoid the possibility of a cell phone call being dropped or poor reception.
• Ask family members and friends not to disturb you during the interview.
• Show enthusiasm. Remember that you do not have the advantage of interview body language.
• Switch your mobile phone off.
• Switch your computer speaker off.
• Speak normally or a notch slower.
• Make sure there is no background music.
• Switch the front bell off (if you can).
• Make a list of things to say and of your strengths and keep them handy.
• Practice a phone interview with a friend.

4. What phone interviews should don’t?

• Never conduct a phone interview in your car – you need to focus all your attention on the interview.
• Conduct the interview in a quiet private area.
• No eating, surfing the web, I/M or text messaging during the phone interview
• Avoid distractions and focus on the interview.
• Do not smoke, chew gum or drink tea during the interview.
• Avoid salary discussions in a phone interview.

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