Screening Interview

Screening Interview

1. What is screening interview?

• Screening interviews are generally conducted when an employer has a large applicants which they want to narrow down to a more manageable number.
• The screening interview is usually the first formal step in the interview process.

2. How to conduct screening interview?

Screening interviews are usually done by

• Phone interview
• Face-to-face interview
• Chat interview

3. Characteristic of screening interview

• Tend to be very short.
• Questions will focus on basic qualifications.
• These interviews are usually quick, efficient.
• These interviews save time and money by eliminating unqualified candidates.

4. Results of screening interview

• Interviewer should ask questions about key requirements to candidates.
• Output of screening interview is a short list of qualified candidates.

Samples questions

• What are some of the things that you value in an employer?

• How would you describe your work style and your work ethic?

• How do you continue to stay current with trends in your field?

• What have you done in the last year to continue your learning/education?

• If you had only on word to describe yourself, what would it be? Why?

• What challenges do you foresee in this type of job and how would you overcome them?

• What are the clues you have come to recognize you are under too much stress?

• Would you feel comfortable with us contacting your Boss(es)? Peers? Subordinates? Customers?

• What do you think they (above) would say about you?

• Describe an instance when you had to overcome a difficult situation. How did you do it?

• What do you like most about your current position? Why? What do you like least? Why?

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