Stress interview

1. What is stress interview?

The stress interview is designed to find applicants who can handle stress, and handle it well.

2. Why we use stress interview?

For some position, jobholder have to work under high pressure so that employer need checking this ability of candidate.

3. How to conduct stress interview?

The interviewer may try to stress candidates in one of several ways such as:

• Disagreement
• Conflict
• Contradictions
• Argument
• Hostility
• Pressure
• Aggression and intimidation
• Criticism

Stress interview questions

• Do you consider standing in a line as stressed work?
• Define stress and when do you get stressed out?
• Are you able to work under stress?
• Please give us an example about you work with a team that faced stress from your experience?
• Why do you think it will conduce stress?
• What is the worst thing when you faced with stress?
• Which transaction is not good for your colleagues whom also faced the stress at the same time?
• How do you handle stress? What is the best thin or work you do when you are stressed out?

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