Unstructured Interview

Unstructured Interviews

1. What is unstructured interview?

• Unstructured interview are a method of interviews where questions can be changed to meet the respondent’s intelligence, understanding.

• It is designed to use questions based on the candidate’s responses.

• Unlike a structured interview they do not offer a limited, pre-set range of answers for a respondent to choose.

2. Advantages of unstructured interviews

• Unstructured interviews are good in the initial stages of the project as they provide a general understanding of the problem.

• Permit full exploration of ideals and beliefs.

• It is more like a conversation and the interviewee is relaxed.

3. Disadvantages of unstructured interviews

• The information from the expert may be vast and too unrelated for the engineer to unravel.

• There is a temptation on the part of the expert to discuss more unusual and different areas that he/she deals with, whereas the primary purpose of the interview is to concentrate on the central issues.

• They also tend to be time consuming and difficult to analyze, so it is usual to move to a structured interview or special method once the knowledge engineer is reasonably sure of his/her ground.

• Attention not focused on a given issue.

• Very little factual information is provided.

• Less details provided on general concepts and objects.

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