What is OSHA?

What is OSHA?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the agency created within the Department of Labor to set safety and health standards for almost all workers in the United States.

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1. Apply new safety and health management systems at work while enhancing performance of existing ones;
2. On-site inspections will identify companies that fails to meet safety and health requirements at work and propose them for imposing penalty or sanction;
3. Promote cooperative programs engaging every members of the organization, such as OSHA Strategic Partnerships, Voluntary Protection Program, or Industry Alliance Program…
4. Clearly define the rights and duties of employees relating to safety and health management;
5. Facilitate conditions for innovations at work;
6. The system maintains and update records and generates reports at request;
7. Set up training programs about occupational safety and health at the workplace;
8. Establish partnership programs in relation to improving health and safety environment at work;
9. Provide support to OSHA Consultation Program.
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